The Housewife's Punishment: A Short Erotica Spanking Story

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The Housewife's Punishment: A Short Erotica Spanking Story

The Housewife's Punishment: A Short Erotica Spanking Story

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One of the things we did was we made a short list…i think it ended up being 10… of things that really stuck out over our 20 year marriage that needed to be forgiven and forgotten. Even tho this has been a deep dark secret fantasy for me for a long time my husband and I both are new to this and learning and I would just really appreciate any guidance or advice. On the other hand, spanking tends to remain effective with girls because estrogen doesn’t produce any significant changes in how teenage girls responded to being disciplined over the parental knee.

Among the biggest mistakes either a man or woman can make in a relationship is expecting spanking to hold a relationship together. They never hear, much less seen, a teenage sister literally getting the big girl spanked out of her.At least, that’s what happened the one time before, when I was belted, instead of being spanked like I usually was. I’m going to go ahead and say it although it sounds terribly chauvinistic: We husbands are supposed to be the leaders. While she may not love him as a result, she will respect him for putting her over his knee when she knows it needs to be done.

This worked back when part of learning about the birds and the bees, as sex education used to be known, included discovering that sometimes a badly behaved grown women got her bare bottom spanked with a man’s hand or sometimes even with his belt. Had I come of age when young women treated being spanked as if were a matter of national security, I might be as bewildered as many men these days. Later, I found out my mother-in-law didn’t so much object to my spanking her daughter, she’d done it a few times herself, so much as she wished I had waited until after we married! Because my wife was still a virgin when we started dating, I really didn’t know she was having a period until I flipped up her dress and lowered her panties. Although her mother knew perfectly well where we were headed, neither my wife nor I fully appreciated how my spanking her put us on the fast track to marriage.Despite claims that this is a conscious choice, more than likely it has a visceral component linked to survival of the species. On the other hand, as was the case with my then still teenaged future wife, there are times when seeking out a boyfriend to also serve as her disciplinarian can be appropriate.

While not necessarily as widespread as some might believe, the practice of over the lap disciplining of a difficult female was so accepted that my wife and I discussed it fairly early in our dating relationship. Perhaps the biggest surprise for was my was discovering that I still loved her even after all of her deeply held secrets were revealed as she confessed them over the years. I have never seen her do the post spanking hop I heard some described but I might bring that up to my Jill.It might not even be an exaggeration to suggest some might even be classified as misogynous predators. Nevertheless, despite the achievements, women still have many of the same expectations of men as their grandmothers. A husband can keep his wife soft to him by showing complete command in bed, and also keeping her on her knees, pleasing her husband giving head. There is a satisfaction in the dominance of humbling her, of making her vulnerable, and of everything you describe. He decided to use it to spank me but after more than 10 swats with no response out of me, he stood me up and got his belt again…i sure dont like that thing!

Early in our marriage, I realized that my wife’s need to be spanked often coincided with her monthly cycle. However, reading a “Thank you” in a mail or comment is what keeps me motivated – I have helped various people here and that’s great. It doesn’t matter whether a woman 17 or 70, spanking a woman’s backside opens an unlocked backdoor to her brain.To see her feet fluttering and her ass cheecks are turning red to bright red, its like I go into a trance in my mind. Wife spanking… As taboo as it seems now, it was once a common practice in American households, right up through the 1950s which was when I got married (1952 to be exact). Quite often, if a young man really spanked a young woman’s her bare bottom when she needed it, led to marriage. The woman will step into the empty position that you’re not filling, but unless the husband is incapacitated with illness or injury, she resents it. Presentation of the bottom – I feel as if I am “willingly sticking out” – I know that I cannot evade or escape the swats.

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