Razer Strider L - Hybrid Soft/Hard Mouse Pad for Agile Movement (Optimized for Optical Mouse Sensors, Non-Slip) L | Black

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Razer Strider L - Hybrid Soft/Hard Mouse Pad for Agile Movement (Optimized for Optical Mouse Sensors, Non-Slip) L | Black

Razer Strider L - Hybrid Soft/Hard Mouse Pad for Agile Movement (Optimized for Optical Mouse Sensors, Non-Slip) L | Black

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The RGB is a little less robust than we’d like. There are only two zones, and while you can select from a wide variety of patterns and colors, there's no integration with Discord and the list of games with special integration for HyperX’s RGB software is pretty sparse. Still, the mouse pad's RGB touch sensor is a nice bonus, allowing you to easily cycle through 3 RGB presets without needing to dive into software. Text appears: 19 Razer Chroma RGB lightning zones, World’s first hybrid mouse mat with multi-lighting zones Alongside the hybrid upper material, the base of the mousepad is micro-texture rubberised to prevent slipping on a wide range of surfaces. This was extremely useful as my hard-plastic desktop can often struggle with slipping with regular mousepads. Two different Sizes of the Razer Strider float in a grey void—one long and rectangular, one short and squarish.

If you're looking for RGB, the Razer Firefly V2 has it in spades. This ultra-colorful mouse pad has a whopping 19 customizable zones and its bright LEDs visibly outshine the competitors (despite the relatively thin lighting strips).RGB: RGB mouse pads are pretty, but they're powered via USB. This doesn't necessarily need to plug into your PC, unless you want to customize the pad's RGB with software (or have it coordinate with your other peripherals). Also, not all RGB is created equal. The number of RGB zones (not the same as the number of LEDs) will determine how complex the light show can get. In a dimly lit futuristic lab, a metal door slides open to reveal a pair of robotic assembly arms attached to the ceiling, with an empty pedestal below.

Construction is solid across the board here, with a textured cloth surface that gives you plenty of grip without feeling uncomfortable on your wrists and arms. The silicone shielding around the RGB-lit edge also means this mouse pad’s corners aren’t likely to fray anytime soon. Plus, the textured rubber on the mouse pad’s underside means it won’t slip around with your sweeping arm movements while you’re gaming. I’ve used both soft and hard mouse mats over the years. Personally, I can’t quite get used to hard-surfaced mats. While they do glide easier, I find I have to adjust my DPI down to compensate, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While I prefer soft mats for the control they offer, I dislike how dirty they get over time, so you always have to replace them. The Razer Strider seems to be a nice mix between the two, so far at least. I find the glide a bit better than soft mats, but not so much that I’ve had to adjust my DPI. In fact, I found gaming to be just a tad more responsive, whether it be MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm or FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone. The Strider seems to offer a nice balance between the speed of a hard mat and the control of a soft mat. Typically speaking, there are two camps when it comes to mouse mats: hard or soft surfaced. Traditionally, mouse pads in the past had a soft surface on them. However, in recent years, hard mouse mats have become popular as well, primarily because they offer a smoother glide. With the Razer Strider, the surface is in between, which (according to Razer) combines the glid of a hard surface with the control of a soft mat. Different from others in its family, this mousepads minimal design suits any desktop, so if you have the cash to splash on a premium mousepad, then you should definitely be keeping an eye on the Strider Chroma.

Razer Gigantus V2 - XXL - ESL Edition

The Razer Strider mouse mat has a proprietary weaved surface that isn’t soft but isn’t hard. At first, it was a bit odd feeling, but after some time, I didn’t mind the harder texture of the mat when resting my hand against it. In fact, it almost looks classy and fits right in when used in my office environment. The edges of the mouse mat have stitched edges that not only add to the look but are also supposed to prevent fraying over time. The Razer Strider mouse mat uses Razer’s proprietary weaved surface to combine the glide of a hard mat with the precise control of a soft mat for maximum stopping power, creating an elegant fusion optimized for maximum performance.” Razer PR Overall, the Razer Strider Chroma is a great addition to any setup, and with the array of RGB customisation options combined with the reliable material quality, it provides a luxury look and feel which sets it apart from competitors. The mouse suddenly floats up and rotates upside down, switching gravity to land on the previous surface.

If speed is your top priority, a soft, cloth mouse pad is not for you — and even a hybrid mouse pad will slow you down. You need a hard, smooth, low-friction surface made of plastic, ceramic, aluminum, or glass, like our favorite hard surface mouse pad, the Razer Atlas. Our main issue with the Atlas was its size — at 17.72 x 15.75 x 0.19 inches (450 x 400 x 5mm), and made of rigid glass, it’s a little too large to easily fit on the average desk, as it can’t be placed on uneven surfaces, nor are you supposed to put heavy, rough, sharp, hot, cold, etc. objects on top of it. Even just a little smaller would make this mouse pad an easier fit for the more deskspace-challenged. The camera zooms in even closer to a microscopic view, as we see a hard, spiky molecule and soft, round molecule collide and fuse together. As the mouse races towards the horizon, the gap between both surfaces—one on the top and one on the bottom—narrows as if the sky itself is closing.

Razer Gigantus V2 - 3XL

EU Declaration of Conformity for Abyssus Lite & Goliathus Mobile Construct Ed. Bundle (RZ83-0273).pdf

Available in two sizes, the Razer Strider comes in large (450 x 400mm or 17.7 x 15.7″) and XXL (940 x 410mm or 37 x 16/1″). If you’ve never used an XXL mouse mat, they really are nice to use. My favourite reason behind one is that your mouse and keyboard sit on the same mat, and you’re never hitting the edge of the mat with your mouse, as can be the case with smaller sizes. While not a huge deal, it would have been nice for Razer to offer the same sizes as the Gigantus V2 lineup. That being said, L and XXL mouse mats were the most popular sizes by far as indicated in Razer’s market research. Performance With the creation of the mouse mat complete, the Razer Strider Chroma unfurls dramatically to show off multi-colored LED lighting all along its edges. Size: Mouse pads start small but come in a few sizes — the largest ones will take up your entire desk. Do you need a gigantic mouse pad? If you play games that require extreme precision and control — such as first-person shooters — you might want to consider a larger pad; precision is generally attained with a lower DPI, and a lower DPI means bigger hand/arm movements. You definitely don't want to run out of room when you're lining up a headshot. I tested the Razer Strider Chroma by replacing my current mouse pad and using it as I usually would use my mouse mat. I gamed on it, I worked from home using it. I used a wide range of gaming mice with it to see if I could notice any differences between them.

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