Charlie Don't Surf Military Vietnam War T-Shirt

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Charlie Don't Surf Military Vietnam War T-Shirt

Charlie Don't Surf Military Vietnam War T-Shirt

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Apocalypse Now’ is a film that shows the savagery and the truth behind civilization; hence why it’s one of the most famous movies of all time. In an interview with Rolling Stone, John was asked about how the viewers and the Vietnamese veterans reacted to the premiere showing of his movie. In which he said, If I say it's safe to surf this beach, Captain, it's safe to surf this beach! I mean, I'm not afraid to surf this place! I'll surf this f-----g place!" Kilgore instructs a subordinate to get his 8'6 Yater Spoon surfboard as they prepare for a decisive ambush. A major objects: "It's pretty hairy in there. It's Charlie's Point!" In the movie, “Charlie Don’t Surf!” was said by the lieutenant colonel, William “Bill” Kilgore. He was a good commander according to his men, albeit he sometimes go overboard with his decisions as a surfing afficionado. The iconic movie quote can be heard in "Apocalypse Now," an intense and literally explosive 1979 war film written by John Milius and directed by Francis Coppola.

Instead, the war movie was filmed in the Philippines, where the current president of that country during that time, Ferdinand Marcos, lent the production crew the helicopters and gunships they needed. Some of the beach surfing scenes were filmed in Baler Bay, which is located in the northeastern part of the Philippines.American soldiers often referred to their Viet Cong enemies as "VC," the initials for the NATO phonetic code words "Victor Charlie." The problem is, they have to take out a Vietnamese military installation there before they can get to Charlie’s Point. This means engaging in a dangerous battle with a ground they can’t even hold for a long time. For this reason, one of the soldiers said,

The iconic line “Charlie Don’t Surf” didn’t just add an additional flare to the surfing culture, it also became an inspiration for songs, game themes, and art pieces. The following are just some examples: Popular with locals and tourists alike for over 25 years, this navy t-shirt is handmade, dyed, and printed in small batches here in Los Angeles. The printing has a soft hand on the even softer 100% fine jersey. As many of our long time customers can attest this 4.3 oz cotton garment stands the test of time and only gets better after washing. The movie depicts the journey of Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) across Vietnam. He is on a mission to find and kill Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), who went mad during the Vietnam War. When the lights came up, I looked around and saw that people were sitting transfixed. Vietnam vets were there, too, weeping. I was stunned by how good the film was and what Francis had done. I was proud.” Shooting LocationsA member of his troop, Lance B. Johnson, is a professional surfer who’s also infamous for taking drugs. Perhaps it’s because of overconfidence or impulse, Kilgore instructed one of his officers to get his surfboard because he wanted Lance to surf in Charlie’s Point — a beach that stretches for miles with peaks reaching six feet and good surf breaks all year round. In the movie, teenage soldiers led the battle in the Vietnam war. It’s a representation of how the Californian culture and power are taking over and assaulting the Asian culture. From how they were hopping down the helicopter and putting flame jobs in their gun pods, mindlessly shooting over the line of napalm trees of the village, to how they surfed the waves after they’ve taken over the local’s land. The famous and memorable surfing moments in the movie were shot at Baler Beach in the Philippines. At the time, the film production left behind a few surfboards, which local kids used to learn how to surf. This line mirrored the “Charlie Don’t Surf” statement in which both of them implied that they’ve conquered the enemy’s ground, and now they’re going to take what’s not theirs as an added insult to the injury. America’s Surfing Culture during the 1970s

Viet Cong is the armed communist revolutionary group of North Vietnam, who fought with South Vietnam and troops of the United States during the Vietnam war. Since Viet Cong has the initials of VC as in Victor-Charlie in the NATO phonetic alphabet, the American soldiers also referred to them as ‘Charlie’. Apparently, after winning a battle in Aqaba, Sharon went spear diving, shot some fish, ate them with his crew, and said: "we're eating their fish," as if saying, "We got here, destroyed everything, and now we're also taking your fish."

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When the troops wanted to talk about both the Viet Cong and Vietnamese communists in general, they would simply refer to them as "Charlie."

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